NDC London slides and link to QCW article

I’ve had a few requests for the slides from my talk at NDC London. Here it is:


John Azariah and I also wrote an article on Queue Centric Workflow for the Developer Magazine – NDC Edition. You can find the online version of the magazine here:


(You will have to flip to page 68 if you want to jump straight to the article)


Virtual Conference session on WCF

I will be doing a talk on “Practical WCF” at 12:30PM Melbourne time on the 28th of April 2010. It is a talk targeted at beginners. If you are interested, you can watch the it live or the recording later at this link –> http://vconf.org/presentation/wcf/

WCF Presentation slides

I’ve given a WCF presentation a number of times and every time some one asks me for the slide deck. And I keep saying that I’ll post it in my blog, but have been guilty of not doing it.

So, finally after a bit of prodding, I decided to post one. This one is called Practical WCF and is part 1 of a series. It gives a fair bit of introduction to WCF and also talks about Service contracts, Data contracts and Fault contracts.

Here is the link to download it: Practical WCF Part 1. ppsx