6 weeks of Azure + Azure boot camps

If you are trying to learn more about Windows Azure, and haven’t been motivated enough to do it on your own, then 6 weeks of Azure is for you. Currently it is around the midway mark and I think it is still not too late to catch up..

6 weeks of Azure is a program being run by Microsoft and lets you run through the Windows Azure Training Kit (WATK) at a nice easy to follow pace. You can attend two virtual meetings every week, where you get to learn about the things to do for the week (presentations and labs), and also ask questions. There are a bunch of handy links the program provides to get you up to speed.

You can also attend one of the boot camps if you want to come face to face with other people participating in the program and talk to the speakers and other experts. The best part of the 6 weeks of Azure program is that it is FREE Smile.

Here are the details of the boot camp:

16 March 2013
Monash University Law Chambers, Marsh Building, 555 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
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23 March 2013
Microsoft Offices
1 Epping Road
North Ryde 2113
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27 March 2013
288 Edward Street
Brisbane QLD 4000
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Microsoft is also running Azure Dev Camps at Cliftons a day before the actual event.

If you are playing catch up, you can visit the Agenda page that contains links to all the previous presentations, videos and labs that you should have done by now (You can even watch the presentation I did yesterday for the event  Smile)

Windows Azure Poster

The Windows Azure Marketing, Design and Content teams have just released a second technical poster titled “Scaling Applications Using Windows Azure Cloud Services”. Go grab them while they are still hot:


What about the first poster, you ask? Here is the link to that:


Some free Azure eBooks

Digging around the net, I found a few free e-Books. Here are the links:

From the p&p group:


(Not sure if I should be showing the last link, which I am not sure is a legal download! It’s a great book though)

There is also a heap of whitepapers available from Microsoft, that you may want to look at:

Architecting for the cloud talk

I am doing a talk next week on Architecting for the cloud, with a focus on Windows Azure. Here is the blurb for the talk:

The cloud offers a number of great benefits to organizations such as low upfront & ongoing costs, seemingly infinite resources and elasticity on demand. But how do you design applications to take advantage of what the cloud has to offer? How do you architect applications to work in the cloud? What are the things you need to consider when you are moving your existing application to the cloud? Mahesh Krishnan, Technical Specialist on Windows Azure answers these questions and talks about how you go about architecting applications for the Windows Azure platform

If you are in Melbourne on the 25th of October and would like to come along, please RSVP to janice(dot)itchins(at)robertwalters(dot)com(dot)au.

  • Date and time of event: Thu, 25 Oct, 2012, 5:30pm
  • Location: Level 41, 385 Bourke Street

Refreshments will be provided, but please RSVP ahead of time. I’ll post slides after the talk…