What’s new in Silverlight 4 talk at DDD Melbourne

DDD Melbourne was a blast. Great speakers, great crowd and great support from sponsors. I had initially pulled my talk out to give others a chance to speak and have a bit more time with the organisation of the event itself but had to fill-in for a last minute drop out.

Here is the slide deck from the presentation I gave –

Speaking at SDDN on 30th June

I will be presenting on the new features in Expression Blend 3 at the Silverlight Designer and Developer Network (SDDN) on Tuesday the 30th of June, 2009 at 6:00pm. Here is the basic blurb for the talk –

Expression Blend 3 – What’s new?

Expression Blend 3 improves upon the goodness of Blend 2 SP 1 by providing a whole heap of new features and more importantly, the ability to create applications for Silverlight 3. The list of new enhancements is long – Lots of improvements to the way you use the tool, Improvements to how XAML, C# and VB.NET files are edited, Support for importing Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator files, Skinning enhancements, Enhancements for animation, Sample data generation, etc, etc.

Mahesh Krishnan will run through these changes in a fast demo based session (without using Powerpoint!) The session is targeted at both Designers and Developers, so don’t miss out 🙂

The venue is the Microsoft office in Melbourne.

Presentation on Silverlight 2.0

As part of RDN, I presented a ReadiDepth session on Silverlight 2.0 in Sydney yesterday. I will post the slide deck and samples on the Readify Web site soon, but if you missed the presentation and are in Melbourne tomorrow (Thursday 10th of October), please do drop by at Cliftons on Collins Street at 6:00pm.

For the early starters, there is also a morning session (7:00am) at Microsoft Theatre, Freshwater Place in Southbank.

If you are coming, don’t forget to register (AM Session, PM Session)

Nikhil Kothari;s session on Javascript and Silverlight

Nikhil Kothari presented a very good session titled “Enhancing Ajax Applications with Silverlight”. Some of the important things he covered were –

  • The interop between Silverlight and JavaScript
  • The Media Server Control that is part of Silverlight 1.0. He briefly demo-ed the skinning of the control using XAML (and Expression Blend)
  • Silverlight 1.1 and the HTML Bridge. He also spoke about the things that were in the System.Windows.Browser namespace
  • The Scripting Bridge: How managed code is handled and the Scriptable attribute.
  • How a local store can be used to store things like user preference

After attending the session, the only disappointment I had was my missing out on Nikhil’s earlier session on Ajax Patterns with ASP.Net 😦