Nikhil Kothari;s session on Javascript and Silverlight

Nikhil Kothari presented a very good session titled “Enhancing Ajax Applications with Silverlight”. Some of the important things he covered were –

  • The interop between Silverlight and JavaScript
  • The Media Server Control that is part of Silverlight 1.0. He briefly demo-ed the skinning of the control using XAML (and Expression Blend)
  • Silverlight 1.1 and the HTML Bridge. He also spoke about the things that were in the System.Windows.Browser namespace
  • The Scripting Bridge: How managed code is handled and the Scriptable attribute.
  • How a local store can be used to store things like user preference

After attending the session, the only disappointment I had was my missing out on Nikhil’s earlier session on Ajax Patterns with ASP.Net 😦