About Mahesh Krishnan

My name is Mahesh Krishnan. I grew up in the South Indian city of Chennai, but I now call Melbourne, Australia home. Before moving to Melbourne, I used to live in sunny California. Like the Indian stereotype, I work in IT and love cricket. I currently work as a Principal Consultant at Readify, and I am actively involved in the .NET community here. Here is a list of talks I have done in recent times:

  • Hosted “Hey! You! Get Onto Our Cloud! Oz Cloud Options for Development and Deployment” at Melbourne 6-Jul-11
  • Tech Ed 2011 – Migrating your applications to Azure 31-Aug-11
  • Tech Ed 2011 – The Essential Windows Azure Developer Toolkit 1-Sep-11
  • Readibreaky Talk – Top 10 Security risks and how to address them 23-Sep-11
  • Transitioning to Cloud & Big Data – Words of Experience, Bits of advice at Melbourne 29-Sep-11
  • Transitioning to Cloud & Big Data – Words of Experience, Bits of advice at Brisbane 4-Oct-11
  • Transitioning to Cloud & Big Data – Words of Experience, Bits of advice at Sydney 5-Oct-11
  • RDN Dev Day – Windows 8, Melbourne 24-Oct-11
  • RDN Dev Day – Windows 8, Perth 26-Oct-11
  • YOW! 2011 Developer Conference – Melbourne. – Migrating your application to Windows Azure 1-Dec-11
  • YOW! 2011 Developer Conference – Brisbane. – Migrating your application to Windows Azure 6-Dec-11
  • Tech Ed 2012 – .NET 4.5 – Just the Good stuff 11-Sep-12
  • Tech Ed 2012 – Building Robust Azure Applications with P&P guidance 12-Sep-12
  • Tech Ed 2012 – Casablanca: C++ on Azure 13-Sep-12
  • Azure Meetup – Autoscaling in Azure 27-Sep-12
  • Spotlight on Technology – Architecting for the cloud 25-Oct-12
  • Modern Apps, Modern Processes 15-Nov-12
  • YOW! 2012 Developer Conference in Melbourne – Windows 8 Dev Workshop 27-Nov-12
  • YOW! 2012 Developer Conference in Brisbane – Windows 8 Dev Workshop 6-Dec-12
  • Presented at the Singapore Azure Usergroup – Autoscaling in Azure Dec-12
  • Speaker at the 6 Weeks of Azure Mar-13
  • Presented at the Azure Bootcamp in Melbourne  16-Mar-13
  • Presented at the Azure Bootcamp in Sydney 23-Mar-13
  • Helped organize and present at the Windows Azure Global Bootcamp 27-Apr-13
  • Organized DDD Melbourne and presented on Modern Architecture Patterns in the cloud  20-Jul-13
  • Presented on Modern patterns for the cloud at the VIC.NET User group 13-Aug-13
  • Tech Ed 2013 – Implementing Modern cloud patterns 5-Sep-13
  • NDC London – Modern Architecture patterns for the cloud 5-Dec-13

I run the Victoria .NET Dev SIG in Melbourne, where we meet every second Tuesday of the month at around 5:30pm, have pizza and a presentation. I also run the Azure Meetup in Melbourne, where we meet to discuss Azure related topics.

We are always looking for presenters at these events and if you are interested, leave a message here…

In addition, I also run Developer Developer Developer (DDD) Melbourne. It’s a great conference, but you don’t have to take my word for it :), just check out the list of topics and presenters we had last year

When I managed to find some time, I’ve written a couple of books – Silverlight for Dummies and Introducing .NET 4.5. Check them out on Amazon 🙂 – http://www.amazon.com/Mahesh-Krishnan/e/B004WKC7LE

I also blog about Cricket at http://i3j3cricket.com and you can find out more about me at my website http://mahe.sh


7 responses

  1. Hi Mahesh,

    Just stumbled upon your blog – thanks to your nick name (Blogesh, intelligently funny 🙂 ).

    Well, my story is same yet exactly opposite – Born in India, but then used to live in Sydney, and now am in San Francisco. So, how long have you been living in Melbourne? I visited there almost same time last year. Where you used to live in CA?

    Too many questions at a time, but it’s always great to see a person with whom you can co-relate. And that’s exactly triggered all my questions. So, ending here rightnow 🙂


  2. Thanks, Ian. There is definitely some good stuff being done in WPF (I know Readify are involved in a few and they also run Training on it) – but the market is still being dominated by WinForms. I am hoping to get a WPF presentation orgainised at the user group in the next few months – Let’s see how it goes.

  3. Mahesh, I just read your blog and comments about silent install of SQL 2008 Express and it will save me some time. Most importantly though is something that is on every page of your blog… your banner image with you in it… You’ve got so much knowledge that you are sharing that you have put the world off tilt or something. Can you straighten out the horizon in that picture? 🙂

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