EntLib 3.1

There are people who love EntLib and people who hate it. I would like to see myself somewhere in the middle. At Tech Ed today, Tom Hollander presented on EntLib 3.1 – he did not cover on the usual Application blocks that exist for Exception handling, logging, data access etc and instead concentrated on the two new ones – Validation Application Block and Policy Injection Application block.

The key areas that he covered in his presentation were –

  • How the Validation Application Block can be used to specify validation either using Attributes, programmatically or even in the configuration. He also spoke about how it is integrates nicely with ASP .NET, Win Forms and WCF
  • The Validation App Block contains rules to do the most common validations such as Null checking, Range checking, Validation using regular expressions, checking for characters and date lengths, property conversions, etc
  • How the Policy Injection Application block can be used for separating cross-cutting concerns from business logic

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