Readify Developer Network

Tech Ed 2007 Australia starts in a couple of days and I thought I’d try and kick start my blog one more time. I am hoping to blog the happenings at Tech Ed in the next few days, so watch this space.

But first, an important announcement: Readify is launching the Readify Developer Network. A RDN session will be held every fortnight and will consist of a ReadiDepth and a ReadiPrimer session. While the ReadiDepth sessions are meant to be in depth sessions on a specific technology, the ReadiPrimers are intended as introductions to certain technologies.

Greg Low has blogged about the RDN in more detail. The RDN calendar can be found at the Readify site here. The best thing about the RDN (apart from the quality presentations, of course) is that it is absolutely free to attend. So, jump in and register today.


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