WCF Presentation

I went to the WCF Presentation given by Juval Lowy at the Victoria .NET Dev SIG today. Juval is here in Australia to conduct WCF Master Class as part of Readify’s Industrial Strength series. I am not trying to market the course, but I believe there are still a few places open for the 5 day course in Sydney which starts next week. The course contents looks really good – Can’t wait to get my hands on the course material from someone who has been to the Melbourne course.

Interestingly, I felt today’s presentation at the Dev SIG was at the right level for the audience that had turned up. I would rate the people who usually turn up to these meetings to be between the intermediate to advanced level as far as .Net skills/experience is concerned. I usually get bored when I turn up to these meetings and the content covered is very basic – I’ve heard the same complaints from a few other people as well. I am also mindful that we shouldn’t shut out beginners from these events by only covering advanced topics. The right mix would be to split these presentations into two parts – cover half an hour of beginner to intermediate topics and then cover more advanced topics in the remaining time.


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